1,000 Subs Stream and Gnome Kills its mailing list

Tonight, at 5 PM Central Time (U.S.) I'll be streaming live on Youtube to celebrate reaching 1,000 subscribers. If you get the chance, please swing by. I'll be installing Awesome Windows Manager and attempting to do some configuration with it. I know some of the basics of Lua, it doesn't look too bad. And have only read over some of the basics of Awesome, I expect to crash an burn, but it should be a fun time!

If you have followed me on twitter, you may have seen a few of my posts about the channel. The "Why I switched to Linux" video kinda blew up, it's almost up to 50,000 views now. The overall amount of subs for the channel has more than doubled. Despite this being my worst video audio wise, and a major frustration for me on that side, it's been incredible to see the growth from this video. Twitter and the newsletter has even grown a bit.

Why I Switched to Linux
In this article, I talk about why I switched to Linux and how it has affected me.

Thank you all for taking the time to sign up for the newsletter and check it out!

Upcoming Topics I want to talk about

This week I plan to have a video out about Tiling in Pop OS. I think it fits well with the stream. Some other possible topics:

  • Lua
  • Mystery Hardware Review
  • Steam Deck Review
  • Steam Deck Accessories Recommendations

As always, if you think of others, please let me know.

Gnome ends their mailing list

I feel like mailing lists are in a very odd place currently. On the one hand, you have lists from creators (like myself) that have gained popularity in the past several years.

Beyond creators and  marketing mailing lists, the open source community is one of the few places I've really seen mailing lists used. Gnome has announced they are ending their mailing list. Future discussions will go on a Discourse forum.

Announcement: this mailing list will be retired by the end of Oct 2022

I will be very curious if this results in more activity. One thing from a user perspective, it seems like this could help me stay more invovled in particular discussions. Though I do wonder if people will miss out on other conversations now.

That's all for this issue. I am working on getting these out on a more regular basis. Also still playing with the format.

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