Konfiguring KDE Plasma Series

KDE Plasma Virtual Desktops
KDE Plasma Virtual Desktops

This article contains a list of the videos in the YouTube series Konfiguring KDE Plasma.

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General Behaviors Menu

This video talks about how to change some settings like:

  • Single Click or Double Click
  • Animation Speed
  • What happens when you click a scroll bar

Screen Edges Menu

This is the intro to the series, in it I go through the Screen Edges settings Menu and show how I'd turn off one of the settings that annoyed me the most.

Virtual Desktops

In this video, I talk about the Virtual Desktop options for KDE Plasma! These can be a huge help for productivity, especially if you only have one monitor.


If you have some tips or settings you think I should cover about KDE Plasma, feel free to let me know in the comments to any of these videos or via twitter: